Thursday, December 2, 2010

November 2010 Review

I'm going to give credit to Citizenwind (Alvin), Mpethybridge (Matt), and the Tilt Breaker Software for my result's this month and a lot of run good. I have finally put it all together and created my own style of play that I am comfortable with. I won't get complacent and will always be looking to tweak my game. For example, The Poker Theorist on CR posted on his blog that he was going to give a couple of free sessions. I pm him and already got 1 free session completed. I'm looking to see if I can get a second lesson this coming week if he is not busy.

I got coaching from Alvin back in July. He has improved my game tremendously. I'm more confident in my pre flop game and post flop game. He gave me so much new information that it took awhile for me to realize why it worked and how to use it in real time at the tables. Matt looked at my HEM Database and was able to spot alot of leaks and offer ways to plug them. I got a copy of Tilt Breaker Software around late October. It has allowed me to play with a peace of mind that I won't light 10 buy ins on fire because I set it at 2.5 bi stop loss. Once it hits my pre set values, the software kicks me off the tables.

I probably played my A game about 90% of the time. I would like to get this even higher so that I can move up stakes and accomplish my long term goal of beating 1/2 NLHE FR. I'm just mediocre at poker so beating that level would be a dream come true.

Goals for December 2010:

1) Complete Rush week and earn $250 bonus.
2) Play A game 100% of time or just quit for day/session
3) Earn at least Gold for the Iron Man so that I can collect my end of year bonus.
4) Stop being a calling station without solid reads.


King Monkey said...

Nice month, congrats.

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btimm said...

Nice month sir!